Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Bush-Lieberman Election playbook.

This is how its done:

1.As an electable/elected official, select your absolute worst political/personal trait and/or liability.

2. Publically denouce and shellac your opponent with your worst trait/liability over and over. It does not matter if you are totally lying. The more outrageous the better. Force your opponent to deny your accusation over and over.

3. By repeating the accusation ad nauseum, you can frame the issue in the press into a "he said-she said" argument.

4. This will confuse, numb, bore, and disgust your electorate in order to depress voter turnout.

5. Rachet up your core voter/base emotion talking points. Doesn't matter what you believe, just pander to your base. Easy, easy, easy!!

6. Win your election in spite of your personal truths or beliefs or voting history.


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